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Over the past few months I have noticed that people are coming in and commenting that when they enter certain places (home, work, other) they have a drop in energy.


Blood tests and scans have been done to see if there is anything different that has come about and most of the time everything has been OK.


As we enter or forced into the technological age, these come with not only convenience but influential impacts on our bodies. Increasingly we have wifi, electronic equipment, computers, TV, etc and these have electrical and electromagnetic radiation influences.


The effects of this are putting stress loads on immune systems, adrenal system, the brain functioning and thinking, sleeping patterns and more. In today`s world there are increases of tumors, cancers, drop in people resilience in handling situations.


I have looked at natural products that can assist with counter-reactiveness. From my observations with using some of these, as below, over time. Some individuals may dispute this observation but everyone sees things differently, but as I mention this is something that I have found that has been consistent for myself and others. Some of these natural crystal formations may do the same for you.



Quartz Geodes


Geodes have been found to assist with negating the electromagnetic field radiation influences in and around the home or workplace. It has been found that the very small geodes dont have the same effect.


Clients that have bought these have noticed significant improvements in and around the home and how they are feeling, as previously they noticed that they would get extreme fatigue within half hour to an hour when they arrived at home. WIFI has significantly increased in the homes and workplaces now and its convenience but it comes with a price. The same applies with new technology smart TVs.


We need to have some sort of protection and Quartz Geodes is one good possible solution.








Selenite Double Helix Lamps





Salt Lamps






Various Crystals That Further Compliment


These can be useful close to your bed or where you are sleeping also along with the others above.