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DNA Genes - John Holodnak has done this training 


Why Would I Look At My Genes For Answers?

When the standards regimes aren`t working and you wonder why, this is when a look at where your genes are at needs consideration.

- improve your health through understanding how your body works

- assist with avoiding significant health issues

- help you improve the outcome if you already have health conditions

- assist with weight loss

- provide insight into any autoimmune conditions that you may be subjected to

- identify possible allergy issues you may have

- identify possible causes of and solutions to minimise inflammation throughout the body

    and much more







Armed with your DNA tests you may see why

- you may find it difficult to lose weight

- you may have inflammation throughout your body

- your autoimmune system maybe in overdrive

- ypou take a long time to recover from physical exercise and/or injury

- you are exceptionally sensitive to certain foods and substances

- certain types of exercise will give you better results whilst other types take you a step back

- the list keeps going



Australia is at the cutting edge and forefront of DNA and Genomic Research.

A variety of health care professionals from different parts of the world come to Australia for some of the latest training, research and information from some of the worlds top genomic researchers.




DNA is a complex component deep within our cell matrix set up. It is present in all our body cells and carries genetic codes of programmed information that relate to our individualism, our ancestry, our ancestral body functioning anf programming.


It has been estimated that there are about 35,000 genes that were counted between 2000-2010 by various DNA engineering scienstists.


Genes are arranged in pairs on a double strand spiral sometimes called the double helix. These combine to form unique gene pairs that make the complete you. Each gene is expressed by a 2 lettered code,,, one from each strand. 


A gene is a certain section of DNA that controls certain assigned traits (eg - hair colour, skin colour, blood type, body function, etc). It is part of the chromosome stripping. It is the basic unit of herditary factors. 




Within the gene or alongside the gene there is this coded matrix or stripping which is basically coded informayion that brings uniqueness and individualism (blue eyes, brown eyes, Type A blood Type, white skin, brown skin, etc). These are called alleles.  These can relate to sub-functions to the main gene. Alleles are indicatd in your genetic code as a rs..... number.


Scientists and researchers have been working on identifying the roles of various genes - looking at the gene purpose, function, and influences. Extensive research goes into the various versions of each genes.


There are currently 60 - 100 genes that have been extensively studied and proven to have known effects on health and wellbeing of individuals. This is called Nutrigenomics. This is what I am dealing with when it comes to your health and wellbeing. This number is always increasing as more and more research is undertaken. It is exciting to watch this unfold.


There are other genes being researched for different reasons within the medical / gene therapy field.



Genes And Memory

Without getting too complex, think of each gene and accompanying allele as a switch with memory. These switches can be on, partially on or compromised, or severely compromised. This means that both pairs of genes could be fully functional, or one gene either side of the helix could be functional or partially functional, or both genes on each side of the helix could be severely compromised in functioning.


From my prospective as a therapist with skills and knowledge in naturopathy, chinese medicine and kinesiology, I see these powerful genetic switches as containing much more information than science currently recognises. From my holistic point of view, your genetic code and switches contain not only physiological memory but also structural, chemical, hormonal, emotional, mental, energetic and soul memory complete with time based activation switches and sequences. Some of this is hardwired and some of this is software within your DNA.



Whole New World of Treatment Oppurtunities

This opens up a whole new world of effective treatment possibilities tailored made for each individual.


Once we have the information about the make up of your specific DNA sequence that is related to your health and well being, then I can identify your genetic weaknesses, vulnerbilities, strengths and oppurtunities.


It is amazing what you discover about yourself when you have these tests done. I have seen many "ah-ha" moments when individuals realise that their genetics may have been the reason why they weren`t able to lose weight, were always in pain, or took a long time to get over injuries.


Work with your genetics.... not against them




The power in genetic testing is that armed with this knowledge, we can work with our genetic make up and not against it. Use our strengths effectively and work around our weaknesses to build and support them. Plus, with added skills we can work to undo some of the damage that has already been done.



There are currently 2 different tests that can be done. More is coming in the near future.


There is the

Amylase (AMY 1) Gene test

Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profiling test

(please refer to next section for details)



Food For Thought

The tests are a one off test as they tell you what you come into the world and started with. From there it is about management and improvement strategies to help improve the functionality of your body and genes. How you look after yourself now prior to having children will assist with the possibility to improving weaknesses with existing genes and body functioning so this can be passed on as improved for your children. 


As couples starting out and as parents, we want the best for our children, this opens the door to this possibility.



Your Action Plan

You see once we have your AMY1 / Genetic DNA Health & Wellbeing Report(s), a unique action plan can put together for yourself. Together we can work together on addressing those issues and concerns that your report(s) have identified. It will be to create simple step by step approaches that:-

          - unique to you - not just one plan that fits all

          - is easy for you to do

          - fits into your lifestyle

          - addresses your most important areas of concern first

          - use natural and holistic methods and applications to bring about positive change to your body on various levels

          - get the results in the fastest and most effective way possible


stop fighting your genetics..... and start working with them


This is about becoming the best version of you and what you can be


You can keep doing what you are doing and keep getting the same results or you can step it up


You can pinpoint more effectively how your body is functioning according to the programming of your genetic DNA and address the application that could bring improvements


This is your Health and Wellness