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I decided to use my case as a example.

I became my own guinea pig.

This may interest some and not others.


The reason why I decided to do this, is to provide an insight of what were some of my DNA Genetic Test results, what and how I decided to tackle strategies to enhance and strengthen some of the weaknesses. This would provide an insight of what sort of approach that I would do for clients, using his multiple skills and abilities.


As part of my training I underwent tests of Amylase AMY1 gene test and the DNA Genetic Health & Wellness Profile Test. We had to learn to understand what our reports and test outcomes were and how to interpret these.



Amylase (AMY1) Test

I have found that at 63 years of age, my weight has been slowly starting to increase despite not changing my eating and lifestyle plan. The test show that a poor AMY1 gene test of 6 out of 20 which meant that my amylase saliva enzymes weren`t produce sufficiently to be able to break carbs, starches, sugars and fibre down adequately. What was found that there were certain foods that were turning down my amylase enzyme production. 


Dietarywise it was found that either a Mediterranian type diet or a Paleo/Ketogenic type of diet would work best for myself. Also I needed to start eating much more slowly and chew my food more efficiently to allow saliva to surround my foods more. Certain bitters and/or herbs needed to be introduced to further enhance digestability.


DNA Genetic Health & Wellness Test

This test was very enlightening and clearly brought home what my parents and ancestors had passed down to me and what I started with when I was born - compromised genes ??!!


The results showed me that I had inherited cardiovascular weaknesses with compromised fat metabolism and fat burning processes. Also imbalances relating to my cholesterol metabolism along with conplication with inflammation susceptability. (I sound like a write off. Better see a naturopath).


Further, diet and lifestyle changes were needed to be implemented along with a change of certain herbs and supplements to better meet my body`s and gene requirements.


Cross Check

I was interested to see if some of this was coming up with iridology. When I looked back through previous iris photos from many years ago, it appeared that my health via my irises wasn`t too crash hot. This was the about the time when I started to train to be a naturopath, a good 30 years ago. Over the years, my iris colour and fibre patterns has vastly improved and changed for the better as well as my health and well-being using herbs and nutritionals along with improved diet and lifestyle - exercise strategies.


If I was to stop all of this, then I would slowly slip back to potential health problems, due to the fact that I already have predisposition genetic DNA weaknesses stored in my programmed memory DNA gene system.


Because of my knowledge and experience of naturopathy and kinesiology, I decided to see if a different perspective could be addressed from a kinesiology aspect. I decided to work with one of my kinesiology colleagues.


Kinesiology Aspect




I took my test report results to my colleague and we tested to see what was on the highest agenda priority to be addressed. To my surprise, the gene that came up was PAI-1 gene, which indicated as a partial compromise functioning in my body.


This gene related to vascular integrity and tone and when compromised brings inflammation to some arterial areas and a build up and laying down of plaque that was starting to occur along with abnormal lipid processing. This opens the door to ateriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. This was starting to become quite active over the last 10 years. This was quite confronting initially but also interesting as I was open to see what could be improved and altered.


We started to further test to see at what time factor this became an issue. This went back 4 generations on my father`s side to when the average age of mid-40s in age. Logically this made sense as my father`s side of the family was riddled my cardiovascular issues. We tested up what was happening around this time as the emotions of unsupported, faith in the future, fear, anger, uncertainty and survival came forward and it was associated to family and community. Looking through history this was about the mid-late 1800s and in Eastern Europe there was alot of political suppression, war, unrest and uncertainty. Hence this brought alot of stress, shock and "will I be alive" trauma.


This would affect the body on many levels (physical, hormonal, mental, emotional, cellular memory shock). This type of trauma can great affect genes and open the door to compromise or possibly switch off. If nothing is done, many facets of the body and the genes stayed traumatised and can get passed on when the next generation gets conceived and born and remains a compromise and continues to go forward.


Balancing Process



My colleague proceeded to work at rebalancing all body systems at 4 generations, father`s side at mid-40s and put all the emotions and trauma patterns into a kinesiology memory holding format. Something that different kinesiologist can do.


The first process was to use destressing techniques to assist the reduction of the emotional intensity trauma within the body and cellular memory and the gene of this time slot.


Next was the switching on of the brain-hormonal-emotional regulating switches along with resetting the time clock of the body. This made a huge difference to how I was starting to feel.


Next thing was rebalancing the body`s energy systems using the chinese energy meridian systems. This was like having a re-organisation neurologically, chemically and mentally. My body actually felt like it was starting to function in a harmonious way.


Once rebalanced at this time slot, my body was slowly brought back through the time generations to current present time and a further check to make sure that all energy systems were still in balance via the meridian system (one-two corrections had to be done) and resetting my centring mechanism. Then the process was complete.






How I felt was quite amazing, where my body felt stronger, more alive, with a new type of deep inner settlement and reorganisation had occurred. I actually felt straighter in alignment and posture.


One week on, my body was starting to feel stronger and more functional. It had brought some irregular sleeping patterns and my adrenal glands felt a little more pumped. I realised that this was all part of the reorganisation of my body and this would take a few weeks to settle before the next kinesiology balance.


One and half weeks after this balance, I decided to do a small kinesiology balance on myself so I could start to get some more regular sleep and settle my adrenal systen down as it was starting to wear me thin and play on my energy reserves. This balance started to settle me down to some regularity. 


I feel there is a way to go but another couple of balances in relation to this PAI-1 gene will need to be done before embarking on the next priority gene to be rebalanced.


I will often be a guinea pig for myself, as what this does is not only does this help me in improving my wellbeing but gives me insight and understanding in assisting and helping others.


What tested up was the small increase of Omega 3 oils or foods (fish) along with an alteration with my herbal mixture.



Firstly, I do hope that you found this interesting as I have. 


What this illustrates is what I can do for you. The tests shows what you come in with through inheritance and illustrates the possibilities of what can be done to further assist you, whether it be with diet change, lifestyle change, exercise and mindset change and/or taking things another step further using kinesiology to reset the programming of the gene(s). Everyone has different agendas and beliefs and it is working to the individual`s requirements that relates to them.


Thanks for your time.


John Holodnak