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Naturopathic Assessment Strategies

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When people come in for a naturopathic assessment they want help in alleviating their problems but often ask how and why did this occur.


We attempt to find the underlying cause rather than treat or suppress the symptoms. This is how we are trained.


We use a number of assessment tools / skills to assist.

Iridology : Sclerology : Active/Live Immune Screening : Tongue/Nail/ Skin Screening : Facial Marking Assessment : Saliva & Urine Screening : Allergy Testing : Kinesiology Muscle/Feedback Testing : Attaining Case History


Out sourced tests associated to us

Hormonal Saliva Testing : Hair Toxic Metal Testing : Cholesterol Testing : Normal Blood Pathology Tests



Depending on tests, assessments and outcomes will depend on the type of strategy regimes that will be inplemented, as seen under Naturopathic Treatments section. The whole concept is to have a natural therapy approach to support the body`s recovery ability.


We deal with a wide variety of health issues concerning the whole body, metabolic disorders and imbalances through treatment of the whole person. Some of the treatments can be dietary changes, herbal medicines, homoeopathy, mineral therapy, nutritional supplements, changes of lifestyle approach, bodywork (muscular issues, massage, etc), kinesiology balancing,  counselling, coaching, etc.








Iridology is the science study of the iris (coloured section of the eye) and how it relates to the body (externally and internally) and how it reflects a person’s state of health and well being.  spine, digestion etc). This helps to assess the health of the patient.The iris represents the map reflex system of the parts of the body (glands, organs,


Discolourations, iris structure type (also linked to genetics), markings - light &/or dark, line/furrow markings, discolourations, pockets or holes, etc.








Sclerology is the study of the markings or blood vessel line formation within the white of the eyes that surrounds the iris. It is used as a compliment to Iridology to fully assess the patient’s health.


It reflects a person`s state of health and wellbeing through the reflex system segments, as in the iris where different parts of the body and its functions can be seen, whether healthy or compromised healthy.


What is seen are different blood vessel line formations (light, dark, straight, curly, maze type, etc), discolourations (dark bright, orange, blue, brown, etc), markings and spots



Active Live Immune Screening


From a drop of blood under a special microscope, alot can be seen about.

Some of these are related to the status of the red blood cells, immune white blood cells, allergy immune white blood cells, water hydration, stress, blood pH,  blood fat status, protein and dietary status, candida status, microbe status, inflammation status, patterns related to parasitc and blood worm activity, health status, etc.


Depending on the individual and the screening outcome will depend on what type of regimes may be implemented - change of diet, mineral therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, etc.


This assists the individual with finding some answers to how they are feeling. Conditions like chronic fatigue, fibromylagia, ross river, constant fatigue/tiredness, digestive upsets, constantly feeling sick, reoccuring sickness, etc.





Tongue, Nail & Facial Screening



The way the tongue can provide indicators of health status is via colour, texture, cracks, swellings and coatings.


The tongue can relate to circulation, mineral status, how your digestive, liver, kidney, lung systems are functioning. Whether there are digestive allergies present, candida presence, dehydration, the tongue provides indicators of imbalance.


The nails provides markings, pits, flattenings and/or discolourations as indicators of health status.

These can be indicators of mineral status (calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, silica), nutrient imbalance or deficiencies.


Facial Screening generally looks at the skin complexion, colour, blemishes, etc.  

The nails reflect certain mineral and nutrient deficiencies. The face (skin condition and colour) reflects the state of health and well being.







Allergy Testing



Allergies are becoming quite a common thing these days. Most people living in our modern society will have 1-2 allergy sensitivities. Most people will have intolerances to things as opposed to allergies. Allergies can occur quite immediately (5seconds to 5 minutes) meaning this can be life threatening, whilst an intolerance will gradually come on over 30 minutes to 12 hours where we can develop a reaction of some sort.


Common instant allergies can be related to peanuts, soy, some chemicals and often the throat/lips etc swell up to bring breathing restrictions, heart issues, over racing adrenalin. Often people with this often carry around a Epi Pen which needs to used immediately to save the person`s life.


Intolerances generally occur due to the fact that we overconsume certain foods and the body`s immune can`t deal with this or there maybe a breakdown with the processing within the digestve system or the liver. Common items can cow`s milk and dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, sugar, chemical exposure, certain native plants/pollens, industrial work chemicals, etc. Reactions can be anything from skin issues, ezcema, rashes, sinus congestion, depression, aggressiveness, fatigue, pain, gut irratibility, etc.


There are different applications to doing allergy/intolerance testing. Some are via computer programs, holding probes, kinesiology testing, etc. The use of kinesiology testing and different sample vials are used at this centre.






Kinesiology Muscle Testing - DNA Functional Testing

John has done training with DNA Testing with different companies.

He has put together the summarization of the saliva DNA Health Evaluation tests. This can serve as a prelude to having proper comprehensive saliva testing for a number of genes pertained to your health status. This does not take away the effectiveness of each companies DNA Saliva testing for health valuation. 


There are many many genes within the body that serve different roles and purposes. Within what John is testing, he will look at the genes that pertain to your health status.


With this testing via kinesiology muscle testing, John will look at whether each gene is fully functional or partly compromised.


This assessment can be done within the normal 1-1.5 hour consultation.


After the assessment, certain strategies can be looked at according to what each individual would like.


These genes are what you come in with and John has found that these genes are like programmable switches assigned for certain functions. Certain factors can make them become compromised.


There can be various strategies that can be implemented according to what each individual would like. This could be a change in diet and lifestyle, maybe a mindset change to enhance better wellness, maybe a deeper insight using kinesiology balancing skills to look at the possibility of resetting/ rebalancing some of these genes.


One of the things that John is working with, is that DNA genes carry memory and this memory also is passed down through the generations (mum or dad`s side). This is called genetic memory. This opens the door to different possibilities of weakness or glitches that have occurred over time and be passed down through the generations to become hereditary weaknesses. A look at the possibility of improvement is being explored and unfolded, so as to be able to improve health and well being





Kinesiology Muscle/Feedback Testing

Kinesiology muscle testing can be used in different ways. It is one way to find out from your body what it wants or doesn`t want; what stress imbalances are going on; what is reactive to you or not, etc. This is individual testing that pertains to you.


- can be used for Allergy & Intolerance testing

- what product / supplement is appropriate for you

- what foods / products ( eg- cosmetics) that are going to agree or complement your body

- find out what can be behind certain particular problems or imbalances within the body

- checking your chinese meridian energy systems status is and what solutions to balance these system     are required

- much more




External Outsourced Tests For Naturopathic Assessments


General Procedure

The reason for outsourcing to have tests done is that laboratories have expensive testing analysing equipment that is not possible for a naturopath to have. Often testing sample kits are available at the naturopathic centre to give out to the client.


The client provides the sample and then directly sends this off to the laboratory and pays them directly. They need to have a referring naturopath so that test results can be sent back to the naturopath.


Once the naturopath receives the test results they contact the client and arrange an appointment and results are discussed and then the best protocol is looked at. This part is chargeable and payable to the naturopath.



Hormone Saliva Testing

This is about testing your sex hormones.

For women, it is important to take note when the sample is given in relation to where they are at with their hormonal cycle. Women often have this test done to check why hormonal imbalances are occuring, heavy menstruation, irregular length of their cycles, why they may be not falling pregnant easily, premenopause, post menopause, etc.



Hair Toxic Metal Testing

This is testing for toxic metal exposure. At times it shows whether you`re basic metal levels are up to scratch.

This is cutting a tuff of hair at the back of your head and sending this for analysiation.

When you are extremely fatigued or being quite toxic and unhealthy, this is a application that can be useful.



Cholesterol Testing

This test is a blood test that can be organised via your doctor or John. This goes to a pathology laboratory to be analysed and calculated. Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver and regulated via the liver, thyroid, and bowel. Diet an have quite an influence with these readings. Problems in this area can affect how the blood is flowing your arteries and heart. This can link to hereditary and lifestyle factors. It does alter about the time of menopause (female and male).


Normal Blood Pathology Tests

At times different tests are required to get an idea of what is happening internally and the best way is with a blood test.

Whether it is checking your hormones, cholesterol, immune system, liver, etc, this can be effective to guage what is happening internally.

These tests can be done via your doctor or John.