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     Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

     Hydroxy Colon Therapist

     Saliva and Urine Analysis

     GAPS Practitioner






BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

BHSc ongoing study to Naturopathic Degree

Trained RBTI Urine and Saliva Analyst

Trained Hydroxy Colon Therapist

Certified GAPS Practitioner through Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride


A Wealth of Life Experience




ATMS Accredited

GAPS Australia



Health Assessment Tools

Hydroxy Colon Therapy

Cleansing of the bowel can help with cleansing of the whole body. There are reflex points within the bowel that relate and associate to different parts of the body. Cleanin the bowel helps with cleansing and re-activating these reflex points that assist in improving body functionality. 


Urine and Saliva Body Chemical Assessment


Sue approaches all dis-ease within the body as a biochemical imbalance at the cellular level, whether chronic or acute. When this chemical imbalance is corrected and rebalanced, this overcomes many health challenges. The urine and saliva chemical assessment assists with this.


Via Sue`s  GAPS Program, she assists with mental health and behavioural issues (eg - autism, ADD, ADD/ADHD, some neuroloigal conditions, etc).


Being a clinical nutritionist, Sue assists in special dietary and supplementional programs to improve body functionality and recovery from compromised health.



 Read and interpret Blood pressure


Tongue  & Nail Assessment



Whole Body Electro-Biochemical Analysis  (RBTI)




This relates to the equation for health.






 RBTI analysis can help you understand what is happening at the biochemical level of the body. Whenever your body is out of balance in anyway it will show in the testing results or formula.


As a RBTI Analysis consultant, Sue has been trained to look at the formula derived from your samples and target specific areas where improvements can be made to assist restore balance. The nature of symptoms isn`t important. What is more important is how far away from the balanced numbers that you are.


For instance, when your body pH is out of balnce, the body will have difficulty in absorbing all of the necessary minerals needed to feed the liver. This can result in many different symptoms and conditions that pertain to dis-ease or imbalanced function of the body. (eg - anxiety, depression, irritable bowel, aches and pains, headaches, etc).

The body will suffer somewhere within itself until the minerals are supplied to assist restoration.


The residues and components of urine are still used today in medical science to test for imbalances within the body.

Any variations from the normal or perfect balance can indicate how well or unwell that one is digestng, assimilating and processing of food that determines what your energy outcome will be from the processing and availability.


The LIVER wont function too well without the correct amount of liver enzymes. This affects the pancreas as there is a liver - pancreas interaction. Issues like diabetes (related to insulin), cold hands and feet, digestive issues, other more chronic serious health condition (can relate to poor digestive enzyme functioning). When any organ is malfunctioning or compromised, the liver needs to be addressed first. If the liver is running at 100% functioning it would be supplying the correct enzymes to all organs for recovery to take place.


Poor pH balance is a major cause of illness and dis-ease. Ignored pH imbalance, can affect your blood and oxygen carrying capacity which in turn affects cellular activity, hormone activity and immune activity and more. From Sue`s experience, she has found that minerals and supplements require correct balance pH for efficient absorption to take place.


When doing the RBTI assessment, it screens leucocytes immune cells; urobilinogen (marker related to liver deficicencies), nitrites (indicator for bacterial infection), protein - nutrients (kindney issue imbalances), blood in the urine (relate to possible digestion, kidney-bladder issues), specific gravity (energy imbalances), ketones (relates to dietary concerns).





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Sue`s revolutionary Hydroxy Colon Therapy machine has been in the family for over 30 years. Originally it was made by the pioneer of colonic therapy, Dr. De Wells. The principle uses gravity fed warm and cool water along with oxygen and a therapeutic massage tube that pulsates the water against the bowel wall. This loosens impacted waste within the colon, thus resulting in normalising the shape of the bowel. This is nothing like an enema. The process is a gentle process


This has helped many people to regain their health. Sue believes that disease begins in the gut. If you`re digestive system is not working efficiently then this opens the door for many problems.


This process has a detoxification process. This can also assist with the unburdening the colon of parasites, fungi, candida, allergens, etc. Cleaning the colon will assist the liver and other associated organs to function more effectively.






Sue`s journey began when her son was diagnosed with autism when he was very young. This has led Sue on the journey to find out everything that is required to know and attain answers to assist her son towards a more normal life.


Part of her experience and own research has come together to assist others with this disorder.



For more information about Sue and what she is doing go and click onto her website as above.


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