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TESTS AVAILABLE - John Holodnak has done this training

All tests and their fee structure, as below, are set and controlled by the DNA Genetic laboratories.


Additionally there is my fee of $200 for consulting (1/2 hr &1 hr).

Initially there is a short visit (1/2 hour) to take the DNA sample (either swab in the mouth or saliva sample).




The sample is sent away and results come back after 3 weeks. You will be contacted to arrange a appointment (1 hour) to go through the results and look at the appropriate strategies that need to be implemented.



Amylase (AMY1) Gene Test - $220




This is a simple test that measures your tongue or salivary Amylase gene.


The Amylase (AMY1) gene assists in activating amylase enzyme on your tongue. Amylase is related to a enzyme that is in the tongue and the pancreas.


This test measures the ability capacity for this gene to function. The amylase gene may be fully activated, partially activated or severely compromised. This transfers onto how the amylase enzyme in your mouth will perform and function (strongly, partially, poorly or compromised).


The purpose of Amylase gene and enzyme is to break down carbohydrates, sugars, starches and some fibre. Depending on the amount of amylase produced from the tongue, initially as part of the initial digestive process, will determine how efficient the breakdown of carbs, sugars, starches and fibre.


Lowered Amylase gene functioning or poor amylase enzyme ability can indicate the predisposition to poor digestability, putting weight on, constant bloating, constant cravings, glycemic or bloodsugar control or swings, metabolic factors, neurological regulation, etc.


The Amylase (AMY1) Gene test will show some possible answers to what may be underlying.





Health & Wellbeing Genetic DNA Profile Test - $500




This is a test that looks at about 60 vital genes that influence your general health and well-being. 


Some target areas that genes have been looked at relate to affecting inflammation factors (coming from cardiovascular, fat metabolism, immune factors, liver related, etc). Inflammation can be an early warning signs of something brewing within the body. 


There are genes relating to cellular defence (relating to the immune system, antioxidant factors, detoxing fctors).


Genes relating to the Detoxification Pathways (Phase I and Phase II) and how these affect interaction with hormones, digestive function, immune, etc).


Today, alot of research is coming forward relating to the Methylation Factors that influence Homocysteine, folate, Vitamin B12, cardiovascular issues, sex hormones, energy, moods, lactic acid, plaque build up, etc. Genes relating to thhese mechanisms are addressed.


Genes relating to cardiovascular health, - blood pressure regulation, vascular issues, vascular adhesion and clotting factors, fat buildup, inflammation, nitric oxide production, weight, etc.


Fat metabolism, fat burning fators, fat absorption, storage and burning factors, fat transportation and cholesterol regulation, glucose regulating. These genes are tested.


Vitamin D and its regulation and influence on the thyriod and parathyriod glands and body metabolism are genes tested.


This is just some of the important genes that affect body functioning. There are more genes coming into play in the near future.